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Improving personal & business performance

Understanding yourself, your clients and your team will lead to improved communication, motivation and performance. Clarity4D is a cost-effective resource for business owners and employees. It helps you understand the people you work with or those you employ, and for them to understand you, in order to improve customer satisfaction and sales through a motivated, high-achieving team. We deliver one-to-one or team sessions, online and face-to-face.


"Our team thoroughly enjoyed the workshop - it was interactive, fascinating and, most importantly, will have a huge impact on the way we work together.  A greater understanding of our personality preferences, and how to encourage and develop these as a team, will have genuine and immediate positive implications for our business."

Kingsfleet Wealth

Meet Tim Cooke, MENTA coach, here he explains how you and your team can better deliver results.

What is Clarity4D?

Clarity4D is an affordable training resource, available from MENTA as accredited trainers. It is designed for individuals, businesses and organisations who want to improve communication, motivation and build effective relationships.

Clarity4D is also particularly useful for people who are moving between roles, or onto the next stage in their career or life, and who need confidence and a framework in which to build their personal development plans and aspirations.

Courses can be booked below, or if you would like more information please contact us via email or phone:

Clarity4D: Youth

Ideal for young people aged 14 to 19 who need to make decisions about their future.

£15 inc. VAT

Clarity4D: New direction

Ideal for people going through a change of job, returning to work after maternity leave or building confidence after unemployment.

£30 inc. VAT

Clarity4D: Full

A full personal profile to explore how someone interacts within a team and how they like to be communicated with.

£66 inc. VAT

Clarity4D: Personal profile

Designed for individual professionals in the business or corporate world.

£48 inc. VAT

Group & 1-2-1 training

Clarity4D training is fantastic with both new and existing teams, where communication is a challenge. MENTA’s trainers are experts in managing groups of diverse personalities and developing methods for effective collaborative working.

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