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Business tools  

Below you will find a collection of handy tools to download, many of which are free of charge. We are continually building and developing our library of downloadable business-focused content. Find our business training products in the MENTA store

2021 MENTA Business Planner

MENTA  offers a range of business support services, from networking to training in bookkeeping for business. This handy download looks at the areas of support for new and established business that we are offering in 2021. Our new business space options are included alongside MENTA one-to-one advice sessions. Click the download.


MENTA Cashflow Information and Tips

We have developed a simple guide for overcoming challenges relating to the impact of Covid-19 on your business’ finances as well as exploring the financial support available to help you through the pandemic. Here you’ll find links to current government support and tips for managing your business cashflow from our advisors.


MENTA Zoom guide

A free guide to making Zoom calls and hosting meetings.

If virtual meetings are new for you, enjoy this simple guide to the basics for Zoom.


MENTA Tax Calendar

A straightforward guide to your business financial year.

Enjoy free expert advice from a MENTA patron, please email


Time Capsule for Children

If you have children aged 5 to 12 years old, this Time Capsule may well prove a welcome distraction for some. Designed around the Covid-19 situation, it encourages children to keep a record of living history.


MENTA Tax Facts

MENTA is pleased to provide a simple PDF showing an overview from the Budget (12/3/20) covering Income Tax, National Insurance, State Pensions, Registered Pensions, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, VAT, Property Taxes, Corporation or Business Tax, Social Security & other Rates.


MENTA Tax Calendar 2020/21

Keep up to date with key dates and events in your business financial year with this handy, downloadable tax calendar.

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