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#BUSINESS one-to-one or group sessions

Designed for established businesses

Our cost effective one-to-one advice and training sessions are designed for the individual or group looking for bespoke expert advice at an affordable cost. We can deliver as an online or face-to-face session. We build any training around the client requirements.

Sessions include:

  • Grant application + Business Planning
  • Sales Training Techniques + Marketing + Social Media + Media Training
  • Team productivity days
  • Lean Six Sigma Process improvement management
  • Personality Profiling
  • MENTA also offers a range of scheduled training sessions.  

One-to-One & Bespoke training

Lean Six Sigma

Our new business improvement process training sessions will arm delegates with the skills and understanding necessary to successfully:

  1. Increase business productivity
  2. Increase quality in the workplace
  3. Embed customer focus and centricity
  4. Reduce variation and ultimately provide a more consistent customer experience
  5. Reduce business costs    

These courses can be delivered online as well as in a face-to-face format. These sessions provide attendees with a good understanding of the basic Lean Six Sigma methods and prepare them not only to participate as contributors to Lean Six Sigma projects, but also to start to address simple improvements in their own working area and business. Attendance will also provide a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt qualification (and certificate).  Next Training Session

Personality profiling

Have you ever quoted for a job or met a potential customer and been sure you had ‘nailed it’ yet inexplicably didn’t get the business? Have you ever got off on the wrong foot with an associate and wished you had approached it differently or could start again?

Very often these things don’t just boil down to price or material factors….it is often said that ‘people buy people first’..
Built on 100 years of research, this hugely insightful and very practical session will give you the secret ingredient needed, yet often overlooked, when dealing with people in business.

Our day team sessions will show you how you can flex your approach and your style of communication to your customer’s needs and preferences, not yours, giving you an edge that so many don’t have.

Sales Training

Ever thought you had a sale in the bag and lost it? Ever walked away from a meeting thinking ‘I should have closed the sale’ or ‘I pitched that completely wrong’? OR do you simply want to get better at selling?

MENTA sales training is offered as a bespoke training seminar and as part of our scheduled range of training sessions for SMEs (upcoming dates) these are delivered online or in face-t0-face formats.

We’ll look at spotting new opportunities, communicating in the words of your customer, the 4 step structure for any sales conversation that is logical for your customer, helping them to see you are solving their problems and making their lives better rather than ‘making a sale’!  

We’ll give you tools to effectively overcome the dreaded objections, appropriate ways to close a sale and share our ‘golden nougats’ of selling.  Next Training Session

Smartphone video content marketing

Making your own video content has never been easier. This bespoke training gives you confidence both in front and behind the camera, as well as simple techniques to create engaging video content with your smartphone.

Learn how to improve your business marketing, as well as the ways to best present your business. Our trainer will show you how to use simple methods for light and sounds quality. You will also learn about basic editing of filmed video content.

This MENTA session will help you:

· Improve your presentation skills and give you greater confidence

· Demonstrate interview techniques and content ideas for filming

· Show you how to set your filming location

· Advise on both light and audio quality

· Ongoing, post-training support is also available.

Confidential business advice

If you're looking for a sounding board, a confidential ear or ideas for how to build on your business success, MENTA's experts are experienced in running their own businesses and understanding the associated pressures.

We are available to discuss an array of subjects, including HR and hiring, finance and loans, marketing and websites, supply chains, tenders, health and safety, sustainable growth and legal structures.

A 60-minute appointment – in person or online – is £50 (plus VAT and mileage). To arrange yours, call  01284 760 206.

Social media

Develop an effective social media strategy, curate content that drives your business message and engage your customers to inspire brand loyalty with our social media training for you and your team.

We will show you:

· how to grow your reach and key engagement rates

· use social media to build brand reputation

· Improve your image-based content

· grow your sales leads

· reduce boosted post costs

· create new and fresh content

· plan your social media strategy

· capitalize upon the free content tools available

Our customers say...

The support you gave me on the phone was incredibly useful, intuitive and reassuring. Having someone to talk to, to sound out my issue was genuinely valuable to me. As someone who works on their own, sometimes an issue can lose perspective as there is no one to hash it out with. Having the conversation with you this morning saved me hours of worrying and fruitless internet searching! You gave me perspective and a great starting point to move on.

The information you have sent through will also be invaluable to me. I have already utilised some of it and can see myself using it many more times, on many more occasions!

With many MANY thanks and best wishes for your excellent support!


September 2020

Having used the MENTA media and social media training services, we now feel inspired to improve our marketing message. Nick offered such insight to how the media work -   we have already used his techniques and felt far more confident.

M. Durdy

June 2019
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