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Since 1984 MENTA has helped over 30,000 entrepreneurs launch and run thriving and profitable businesses throughout Suffolk. Our mission is to help Suffolk based people start and grow their businesses, encourage expansion, growth and employment to ensure the continued thriving prosperity of Suffolk and the Eastern Region.

the mENTA team

years of experience

The staff at MENTA, many of whom have run their own successful businesses are driven by the desire to help our clients realise their full potential and succeed in their chosen line of business.

Chief Executive

My passion for business and meeting entrepreneurial, creative people helps me drive forward and build on, Suffolk’s success to be recognised nationally as a fantastic county to live and work.

Business Service Coordinator

I thrive on delivering superb customer service to all that visit us and use our services at MENTA.

Marketing & Business Development Manager

I’m passionate and enthusiastic about helping Suffolk businesses thrive. Having been MD of a local company I use my skills to promote MENTA and the business services and events we provide.

Patrons Coordinator

I enjoy my relationships with MENTA’s enthusiastic and supportive Patrons. Their financial help enables me to organise networking events and seminars for Suffolk’s business community to attend.

Digital,Social & Broadcast Media

Broadcast and Social Media have been a huge part of my work life for some years, I enjoy sharing my skills at MENTA’s masterclasses, helping others to engage all media platforms.

Business Centre Coordinator

I am positive and passionate about the future of business in Haverhill and want to play my part in building a great success story with advice which is practical, sensible and forward thinking. I am positive and passionate about the future of business in Haverhill and want to play my part in building a great success story with advice which is practical, sensible and forward thinking.

Project Administrator ERDF

Working alongside the team that helps with Start Up businesses is hugley rewarding, being part of the larger MENTA team is fun and full of variety.

Senior Business Adviser

I love enterprise and enterprising people. My advice knowledge is not from a book or via a university degree, but comes from over 20 years of running my own businesses.

Business Advisor

I am passionate about people, business, and delighting customers. My experience comes from running my own business so my advice is practical and pragmatic.

MENTA Trade Fair Coordinator

With masses of events experience I enjoy working with the sponsors, exhibitors, visitors and speakers to ensure the annual Menta Trade Fair is a fantastic experience for businesses.

current vacancies

Board Members


Alistair Ponder

As a commercial solicitor I advise a wide range of local businesses and I am passionate about understanding and encouraging business development. I enjoy supporting the MENTA Team with the many and varied enterprise initiatives they provide to start-up and growing businesses.

Vice Chair

Dayle Bayliss

I’m a Chartered Building Surveyor and when I set up Dayle Bayliss and Associates LLP I found MENTA’s business services invaluable. To be involved in MENTA is a fantastic opportunity, the support and inspiration they offer is amazing, and to play a part in that direction is a privilege.

Board Member

Andrew Dahl

As the former MD of a successful venture capital backed business and having worked with several SME’s, I understand the potential local businesses have and am delighted to assist in their development by supporting MENTA.

Board Member

Andrea Mayley

I am responsible for the team leading on economic development and growth at Forest Heath District Council and St Edmundsbury Borough Council. I have a strong interest in helping businesses prosper and enjoy supporting MENTA by using my knowledge, experience and connections.

Board Member

Rob Masson

My skills centre on strategic e-business consultancy and an ability to identify commercial objectives and requirements, and translating these into an actionable technical strategy. I enjoy my work with MENTA and bring a host of web and technical skills to the board.

Board Member

Andrew Hunter

I’m a partner in BuryPhysio and the Hunter Club Bar & Venue in Bury St Edmunds and director of several business ventures in property, music and fashion. I enjoy bringing my knowledge and expertise to help MENTA support Suffolk businesses in the best ways possible.

Board Member

Robert Holton Hart

I’m a retired company director who qualified as a chartered surveyor in 1974 and I’ve been involved in the commercial property scene since 1977. I continue to enjoy ensuring the growth of MENTA and its services to the Suffolk business community.

Board Member

Emma Finn

As director of local company, Pathfinder East I have over 25 years’ experience in the private and not-for-profit sectors with a focus on marketing. There is tremendous drive and opportunities for start-ups and business growth and I’m delighted to be part of the team to help shape the work of MENTA.

Board Member

Jane Cattermole

When I set up Bay Tree VA over six years ago I found MENTA’s support and advice both helpful and reassuring. I am pleased to be involved on its Board, representing not only professional small businesses but those particularly in their growth stage.

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