Improve your Marketing and Social Media Conference

Nicholas Pandolfi

Who said social media was easy?

Choosing the best platform for your business and then creating content that will raise brand awareness and engage a new client or customer is a serious business.

When talking with a room of people or in a one -to-one situation, my approach to social media, remains very simplistic. If good communication is fundamentally about engagement, look to the proven record of the BBC and (Inform, Educate and Entertain) why would you treat social media differently, help feed the hungry internet with content that gives something of worth to the user.

Don't use social media as your soapbox, it's not all about you! Being sociable across the various platform is the key, shouting about you and solely your business sales message will bore the pants off most and defeat the purpose of the platform. If local is a key factor to your business be sure to own your part of the locality.

Hiring someone to help run your platforms can be a good idea, it removes pressure, allows you to focus on the business but content is always better when it's driven from within - assuming you know what to post.You know your business story better than anyone else, however skilled the contractor running your social media, they are, in most cases, unlikely to share your keen interest in the P&L. (bottom line)

At the upcoming conference that tackle show to improve your marketing through social media, we look at how to plan and create content that will help build brand awareness and improve engagement.

We will cover a raft of ideas that will help business reach a wider customer base, I hope to see you at the event at Seckford Hall in Woodbridge.

'Improve your Marketing - Social Media Conference'

Woodbridge: November 6th Ticket information.

Nick Pandolfi works with business leaders across the UK with media creation and social media training.

This event is part of The East Suffolk Business Festival


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