Nov 2019

Enrich your Business Knowledge with New Remote Learning Content

A new range of support for those in business has been launched in Norfolk and Suffolk.

The aim is to offer the business individual or a business team the freedom to up-skill their existing knowledge remotely.

The eLearning courses are a range of paid for content from MENTA Business Support.  

Subjects include:

• Health and Wellbeing,

• Corporate Responsibility,

• Personal Skills

• Enterprise training for those that are looking to start a business.

eLearning offers a new way to develop your business know-how at a time and place and time that suits.

The eLearning library offers a comprehensive range of online training courses to support you, your business as well as a business team.

Some of the courses are available with an option to include CPD hours certificated by the Open College Network (OCN). Extended programs lead to Level 2 or Level 3 qualifications again accredited by the OCN.

The Health and Wellbeing courses include one designed for personal mental health wellbeing.

Your personal mental health and the health and wellbeing of individuals within your organisation is vital, both in and out of the workplace. This module is designed to promote positive working cultures and highlight the risks and warning signs of poor mental health, stress, sickness and more.

Our everyday lives can be very demanding and therefore sustaining energy levels can be quite a challenge. This module explores the four key areas of energy, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and looks at how these energy levels can be increased and maintained.

MENTA CEO Alex Till says “We are excited to be launching this new training option, it allows individuals to choose the time and place they enrich their knowledge”  

To find this and all eLearning courses, click here

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