Our aim is to help our clients start and grow their businesses, improve their

performance and encourage them to realise their potential

If you are thinking of starting up a business in Suffolk or already have an existing business and require impartial advice on the best ways to manage and grow your enterprise, the team here at Menta can help.

As entrepreneurs and business owners themselves, our team of business advisors have first-hand knowledge of the issues you face when setting up and running your own business.

From one-to-one advice sessions to business skills masterclasses and training courses and regular networking events, Menta provides solutions to potential business problems and will help your enterprise reach its full potential.

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Why MAD-HR is good news for your business

Carole Burman


MAD-HR are providers of premier, outsourced, flexible HR services with a customer focus.


Your business can only succeed in today’s competitive marketplace by recruiting and retaining talented individuals, who offer a service to your customers which is second to none. To operate efficiently and profitably, entrepreneurs need to be skilled in the recruitment, induction, leadership and development of their team members.


Sometimes you need some assistance, whether that’s for now, for later or the long term. 


MAD-HR understand that such assistance needs to empower business owners to lead confidently and nurture their ability, whilst being supported by simple, effective management tools. Plus, they're really nice to work with.


Explore how the MAD-HR team can fit into your business at www.mad-hr.co.uk

Business Blog

Mon 24th Apr 2017

"Most gain social media awareness in their personal lives and that is where the danger lurks: the cross over from private lives to business lives."

Wed 12th Apr 2017

I love working as a MENTA trainer because I know the people attending are like me…owning or working for a small business and hungry for knowledge.

Thu 23rd Mar 2017

In this digital age, if you need to know how to change a plug, fix a toilet, braid your child’s hair in a French plait then Youtube is usually your first port of call and there will no doubt be someone there who is more than happy to show you just how to do it.


Menta are the specialist agency in Suffolk for assisting people to start a business and to help established businesses grow.

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