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Media ready - public speaking and Personal Development

Our Presentation and Media Skills masterclass is designed to give you a grounding in broadcast media; how it works, what opportunities exist to share your business story and how to engage the media. We will cover the best way to contact the media and engage them with your story. By understanding their needs you will learn how best to craft your business offer. Learn to deliver fresh and interesting content to excite their audience whilst giving you the PR awareness. You will try out media training exercises and discover different media interview styles and techniques. We will show how to prepare for media interviews and be as relaxed as possible. This course is ideal for businesses or team members expected to be called upon for media appearances, it is also useful for those wanting to improve their public speaking and general presentation skills. The course is delivered by Nick Pandolfi, twice named BBC radio presenter of the year and winner of numerous industry awards for his presentation techniques. He works as a freelancer for the BBC as well as for MENTA

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New dates and locations for this masterclass will be found in our next masterclass brochure.. please email

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