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Emma Finn of Pathfinder East
Top 10 tips when preparing to exhibit at a business show or exhibition.

With more than 79 exhibitors and around 900 visitors expected, we’re already excited about the MENTA Business Show 2019 (1st October, The Apex in Bury St Edmunds).

So, I thought I’d share 10 tips for visitors and exhibitors to ensure you squeeze as much value as you can from attending any business exhibitions.


1.     Pre-register.  Then you’re likely to be sent the latest updates and information, which could be useful for you.

2.     Plan ahead.  Identify who is exhibiting, who you want to meet and what you want to achieve from visiting the exhibition.  Set yourself a target (see point 8).

3.     Seminars.  There may be useful seminars or workshops being held as part of the exhibition.  Check them out.

4.     Networking.  Are there any networking opportunities at the event, which you could benefit from?  Wear your name badge, if given one, so people can identify you easily.

5.     Timing.  Give yourself plenty of time to attend, so you don’t have to dash off to another appointment in the middle of a useful conversation.

6.     Professional.  Ensure you and your stand look smart and professional.  This is your business brand on show here.  Stacks of empty coffee cups on a table is a no no.

7.     Creative.  Make your exhibition stand – stand out.  Ensure visitors know what your business is, with pop-up stands, leaflets and even brand colour co-ordinated clothing.  Be creative.  How could you make your stand the most interesting and inviting stand at the exhibition?

8.     Target.  Set yourself a target.  How many business cards should you aim to gather?  How much business do you aim to get out of the event?

9.     Engagement.  Don’t stand behind a table; get out to speak to people as they pass and engage them.  “What’s your business?” is an easy opening line.  Offer them a gift, invite them to take part in a competition, show them something interesting, get them interacting with you.

10.  Follow up:  whether you’re a visitor or an exhibitor, book out the time to follow up your contacts the next day to cement the relationship and move forward in building on opportunities.

Emma Finn provides expert, cost-effective business development and marketing services to help companies grow.

Visit: www.pathfindereast.co.uk

Email her: emma.finn@pathfindereast.co.uk

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