Why would you send your records off site?

Claire Brookes

A different question – Why wouldn’t you send your records off site??

Some businesses think that storing their records off site won’t work for them and that if they don’t have the documents close to hand they won’t manage. Others have previously thought it would be too expensive storing off site without building in the calculation of their staff’s time and the additional cost to them of office and storage space.

Often a company will ignore the problem until they run out of space or problems occur over a missing or misfiled document.

Other problems emerge where staff have fallen down steps with document boxes being stored in basements and attics. Employee liability for a broken leg is around £6k - £7k, loss of earnings could run to tens of thousands of pounds.

Failure to present certain documents to HMRC could see a fine of £3,000.  The mouse ate my homework is not a good enough excuse!

Good document management is an essential requirement for all businesses.  Security, storage conditions, fire prevention, retention management and easy access are required to ensure business documents are safe.  70 – 80% of businesses involved in a major fire either do not re-open or fail within 3 years, mainly due to their documents, client files, order, accounts, IP, insurance certificates and personnel records having been destroyed.

Suffolk based Box-it East a MENTA Patron can arrange a service plan to suit the needs of a business that won’t cost the earth and will save staff time.

For more information contact Box-it East to find out more or to speak to one of the Box-it East team, 

call 01284 810311, 

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