Twitter Tips and Catch those Worms

Nick Pandolfi

So you have Twitter but you don't love it?

Here you will find a few tips as to how I feel you should use Twitter and make it work better for you

Done well, you can exude your business personality across Twitter – you can ignite imagination, inform and share content that has synergy with your business.

Used badly, Twitter can really annoy your army of followers and make you look like a generic robot that sends those irritating direct messages.

You can see I don’t like those direct messages – great if they are organic and a useful way to have a private chat or deal with your customers directly away from the gaze of all.

When I follow a business for the first time and within a few winks of an eye, I receive a notification with a message that however well crafted, I'm left thinking - just another generic bounced response.

You can have a truly personal relationship with your customer base through Twitter, but I say keep away from the Auto response.

A DM (direct message) you knew that, is a fantastic way to share and chat over the private stuff with a customer – deal with an issue they may have had or follow up on a question.

The power of the ‘#’

Using these little wonders power your tweet to a wider audience, give a legacy value to your Tweets and make it easier for people to trip over you and your business.

If location is a big part of your business, make sure you have # (your location) Try using a #hashtag in a location search and see how busy it is.


The banner picture or as I call it, your shop window, is key, show people what you are about…

Let them clearly understand what it is your business does

change it often

upload decent quality images – not so large they don’t load quickly on a mobile device

maybe use an edit tool that allows you to have more than one static picture – is great

Test your image on mobile and desktop – be sure it the dimensions work across different devices.  

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