Say what now? Why good copywriting matters

Anne East

Writing isn’t hard, after all, we can all string a sentence together and make ourselves understood – right?

But when you run your own business, is being ‘understood’, enough? With the web bringing the world to our doorsteps, getting your voice heard can be tough – so make what you say count – here’s why good copywriting can make all the difference.

Sounding professional – this isn’t about selling out and sounding corporate, it’s about making sure your communication makes sense.  It’s not just grammar geeks that’ll cringe at misplaced apostrophes, dodgy spelling, and clumsy punctuation – it won’t give customers much confidence either.

Getting to the point – if you can’t get your message across, how will anyone know what it is you do? Good copywriting gets to the point, but don’t be fooled by a hefty word count and highfalutin language – say what you mean and cut the waffle and fancy words.

Creating a bond with customers – what makes your business so special? Good copy draws customers in, it inspires empathy, interest, and creates loyalty. Bad copy is at best clunky and awkward, at worst, patronising and insincere.

Making the sale – great copy tells a story, but don’t let your customers fall asleep at the end. Quality content subliminally sets out a call to action without giving it the hard sell – nobody wants to be told what to do, but being invited to do something is completely different.

So, before you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) think about what you want to say, and say it clearly, concisely, and above all – with passion.

Anne East is from Black Stag Copy – professional copywriting services  




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