Move your Business away from the Coffee Stained Table and Enjoy a Virtual Office

Nick Pandolfi

Is 2020 the Year to Go Virtual?

At MENTA we have the solution if you want the benefits of a professional business and office address but without, the expenses.

Our virtual tenancy space offers the choice of two packages that include mail holding, mail forwarding as well as meeting space for those 1-2-1 client meetings.

We know customer perception often will mean they expect SMEs and freelancers to be operating from an established bricks and mortar premises but as smaller business owners, we know we don’t need the overheads to be great at what we do.

When I started using a virtual office, it was surprising how many people checked my business card to see where I operated from, it worked well for me and being able to utilize add on meeting space at the business hub I was working with, meant a professional office environment and not having to meet that new client in a well known branded coffee franchise and those clients may well be the type who assume you can’t be that great if you are running your business from table 10 with the Cappuccino stain.  

Having 24-hour access to post was less important for me but I know some demand that and MENTA offers it as part of both their bronze and silver packages.

Having that virtual tenancy also helps with your Google ranking (SEO) as you can register your new business address with the likes of Google My Business and people will be able to see you are based at a business environment and not be checking your front door on street view.

Discover more about what MENTA can offer your business with a virtual tenancy here >>>

Nick Pandolfi is Marketing Manager for MENTA Business Support


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