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MENTA trainer, Ian Evans, gives back...

Ian Evans

I love working as a MENTA trainer because I know the people attending are like me…owning or working for a small business and hungry for knowledge. Rarely do course-goers sit there and ‘clockwatch’ – they ask questions, challenge the answers, absorb what’s being said which makes me feel my time is worthwhile. I know people’s time is precious so I deliver my courses with the clarity and succinctness you’d expect from a journalist…with a few anecdotes thrown in for good measure.

I’m like all the MENTA trainers – I’ve been there and done it so can talk with authority and first-hand experience in a relaxed environment. Our courses are excellent value for money and the feedback forms confirm that!

Ian Evans Trainer for MENTA’s masterclass ‘PR and Media. How to make the headlines’.

Next taking place on Thursday 18 May at Kesgrave Ipswich from 9am until 1pm cost £30

 More on Ian and his business here: 



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