Wednesday, June 5, 2019

LinkedIn Reactions...

Nick Pandolfi - with original content from LinkedIn
If you use LinkedIn regularly, you will know that LinkedIn has evolved a great deal from the days when you truly needed to have worked with someone to be able to connect.

I use the platform far more than I ever did and while I'm still not convinced I need to know it's someone's birthday when I log into my LinkedIn profile, I recognise the platform, owned by Microsoft, has a lot of power for a business owner and their teams.

Nick Pandolfi


New from LinkedIn - are a series of reactions… think Facebook thumbs up! But with that LinkedIn take…

read more from their team and their official release below.

Ricardo Rivera

Product Designer - LinkedIn

Every day we see people coming to LinkedIn to build relationships and discuss ideas and opinions with their professional communities. They celebrate milestones, support each other in job search journeys, and discuss important topics like strategies for hiring a diverse workforce. When people start these conversations on LinkedIn, they want to feel heard by their community. Until now, they’ve been able to “like” posts, but we’ve heard from our members that they want more. They want to know why someone “liked” what they shared, as well as more lightweight ways to express that a post resonated with them.


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