How do people feel about you when they meet you?

Marianne Muir

Personal Branding is how we behave, communicate and our appearance. Executive Presence is the way people experience this in us.  If we haven't worked on our Personal Brand it is simply an accident. But if we haven't, is it an impressive accident?

Whilst your experience and knowledge matter, which take time, it is more your skills in behaviour and communication as well as appearance (that you can learn readily), which will give you the edge and the ability to achieve more, faster. This affects our personal lives as well as professionally.


Personal Branding will increase personal effectiveness, reinforce the company image and culture and improve sales and short, medium and long-term success. Having a strong brand differentiates one from another, it's the way we market ourselves. It increases the confidence we feel about ourselves and builds the confidence others have in us.

Branding is typically seen as logos, marketing, unique design and symbols, as well as words and other elements that identify a product or service. Now, at the top of the list, Personal Brand and Customer Experience of the brand are vital.


Executive Presence isn't just for leaders. The aspiration to have 'presence' is for anyone, whether at work, at home or socially. Having 'presence', which includes having a great image and skilful qualities in behaviour and communication, is a great advantage for anyone and if it's not innate it can be learned.


How can you make a difference?


1 You need to command attention by the way you stand, walk and introduce yourself to others

2 Inspire people to engage with you - people are attracted to others who appear confident and successful and have humility

3 Consider how you behave and react in business and social situations. Would you respond better to the leader who panics in a crisis or one who remains calm and focussed?

4 Take a long hard look at your personal appearance. Is it memorable for the right reasons? Do your clothes need to change, your hairstyle refreshed or your grooming improved?

5 Work on your communication skills - taking an interest in others and using open questions on meeting makes a difference


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