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Nick Pandolfi

When you Google 'Google My Business' Google tells you this...

Engage with customers on Google for free

With a Google My Business Account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.

Sound too good to be true? I have been using GMB weekly for more than two years and I know what a positive affect it has had on the business profile and search result.

At MENTA I often run a Google My Business training session, a variety of smart business-people attend and hear me celebrating this hugely important business tool and often a question is asked

"If it's so good, why do so few people seem to know about it"

It's a great question and only Google can answer that accurately, I'm more bothered by getting more smaller businesses on to the platform and adding content to their knowledge panel... more on that later.

If you have a business address and want more people to find you on page one of a Google result, (who doesn’t) GMB is the tool for you.

Google My Business offers..

The ability to enrich the search results of your business

Upload pictures of the business, the team, the product range and more

Manage your replies to customers reviews

Give an improved and optimized Google Maps listing

List services and products

Grow your SEO and ranking

Once you start the process of securing your business address via Google My Business, in most cases, a postcard will be sent to the registered address with a code, the business owner enters the code into the back-end of the GMB profile and off you go!

Adding the business basic information... the opening hours, the various services and products you offer, website details and of course imagery.

This will increase your knowledge panel, what's that? Google search MENTA Business Support and you will find ours with pictures, reviews, posts and handy info.

The latter being hugely important, those images will help people view your business as well as make it easier for people to find you and your business as you can add exterior shots, which in turn will be of use to those using Google maps.

When you Google a business, aren't you more likely to engage with a brand that has pictures and FAQ's over one that has next to nothing in its search result?

Adding posts, (think Facebook posts) imagery and words and that outbound link... to your point of sale, usually your website.

Making the customer experience easier and more enjoyable....

This all adds meat to your Google bone and that all important Google result.

So, Google your sector, imagine what your customer would search for and see which of your competitors comes up in that search result. I'd suggest you use a site like Duck Duck Go and search for your sector and services in the area and see where you truly rank.

Adding more content to your GMB profile will overtime increase your digital footprint and build your business profile.

It really is easier to do, however, if you feel you could do with some answers and advice, book one of the MENTA Business 121 sessions and I can help you and your Google my Business listing reach more people and help grow you business.

Nick Pandolfi works with SME's across Norfolk and Suffolk and helps them position themselves online.


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