Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Why it Matters

Nick Pandolfi
Whether you are a business owner or company director, to concentrate solely on your profit margin will not endear you to your present clients and staff, nor future new customers and employees.

You need to attract people with similar values whether they are related to the community in your area, protecting the environment, sustainability or human rights.

Your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) credentials will demonstrate that your business takes an interest in society – not just your bottom line.

When making decisions regarding your CSR It’s important to decide on the right charitable cause which reflects your brand in a positive light, and is important to your employees.

Local children’s charity, Break aims to make life better for vulnerable young people and families. The charity believes every child and young person has the right to a home where they feel safe and loved, so they can grow in confidence and look to the future with hope.

Break works with businesses and their staff providing opportunities to mentor and inspire a young person and corporate sponsorships.

Cows About Cambridge is one such sponsorship opportunity. More than 50 individually designed cow sculptures will form a trail of discovery across the city next spring, encouraging residents and employees from Cambridge and the surrounding areas to explore their environment from an exciting new perspective.

This world-class public art trail will be live for 10 weeks from March 30 to June 7, 2020. It is expected to reach 350,000 residents and visitors while raising around £250,000 for Break and generating more than £8million of economic value for the region.

Break also looks for committed people, who may be your staff members, who will spare a few hours every couple of weeks to support and mentor young people the charity supports, who are in care or moving on from care.

The positive difference one of your employees could make to a vulnerable, young persons’ future is immeasurable.

How you ensure your brand and business is recognised for its CSR is vitally important. Consider how you will make the most of your investment, be it time or financial. To find out more regarding Break visit

*original content supplied by Break.


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