Copywriting D.I.Y. — Five Top Tips

Rebecca Moulding

Copywriting is the conversation you have with your customers online and in print — few businesses can survive without it. As if it wasn’t hard enough setting up a business, or keeping one afloat, you also have to worry about web copy, blog posts, social media and all sorts. But fear no more, we have gathered together our Copywriting Five Top Tips so you can do it yourself. 



1. Get a Goal


To begin, ask yourself: what am I trying to achieve? If you’re launching a new product, then it’s to tell and sell. If you want to engage with your customers, a blog or social media post would do the trick. Whatever the purpose, get a goal and stick to it.


2. Ace the Atmosphere


What is your business’s personality? Is it fun and funky? Cool and corporate? This depends on your product or service. It’s okay to crack a joke when you’re selling chocolates, but it’s another thing to horse around on the homepage of a funeral service website.


3. Cut the Clump


Cut all filler-words like “just,” bin the babble and keep those sentences short — your customers will thank you for it, I promise.


4. Write it Right


Watch out for spelling mistakes; spell check doesn’t catch them all. There’s a difference between a “bored room” and a “board room.” (Or is there?) Get someone to read your work before sending it into the world. You don’t always need to hire a professional. My mum proofread my entire dissertation and spotted more spelling mistakes than I’d care to admit!


5. Call to Action


This relates to the goal of your writing and is an instruction to your reader. If you want your reader to buy, tell them. Never forget, behind all the witty words and warm wishes, you are there to sell something. And it doesn’t have to be curt or sleazy. Watch how I do it…



We hope you enjoyed our Top Five Copywriting Tips. However, if you’re struggling to D.I.Y., or don’t have the time, get in touch. We are here to help.


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