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Business Space-Easy in, Easy out…

Paul Vella

So you’ve started up your own business.  To cut costs you’re using your home as an office.  The dining table is now your desk.  There’s paper in places you never knew existed, there’s boxes where there isn’t paper and your partner is looking at you as if you’d just insulted his or her mother at the same time as mouthing ‘this is enough!!’

Familiar situation?  Of course it is.  We’ve all been there.  You need your new business to hit the ground running so you make sacrifices.  You also make promises to your partner that it will get better and you’ll be more organized.

Time to take a deep breathe and think about relocating the office.  But that’s where the headache begins.  You don’t want to tie yourself into a long, full-repairing lease with large deposits, months of rent up front and agents fees.

That’s where MENTA takes away that headache.  We understand business and the costs and commitments of business.  We know that as a small business or new starter you can’t or won’t be prepared to commit so much of your funds on premises that you may outgrow in a year.

Our easy in, easy out terms allow your business to grow and adapt as you do so that your premises needs don’t get in your way but instead evolve with you.

Our available units range from 22 square metres to 35 square metres and come with heating and telephone cabling, 24/7 access, car parking and a reception office (manned for over 40 hours a week).  All conveniently situated on the Suffolk / Essex border with main road access to the M11, A14 and A12 major trunk roads. 

We can usually start your tenancy in around a month, so with no fixed minimum term, 1 month’s rent & service charge in advance (plus VAT) and 1 month’s rent and service charge as a deposit our terms are easy, convenient and designed to help the growing business.

To discover availability or arrange a visit - call Paul Vella for a chat. 01440 711930

Paul Vella of MENTA in Haverhill

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