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Sustainability in your PR

Fri Jun 18 2021

Why the word ‘sustainability’ will increase your PR success with journalists

As we get closer to the COP26 UK hosted climate conference in November, ‘sustainable businesses’ are the ones that are set to catch the eyes of the journalists and find their way into their columns.

So this month’s top tips focuses on how to make the most of the opportunity.

1. Make sure your business is sustainable. Two thirds of consumers are now making buying decisions based on how climate conscious the selling business is. Our PR partner JournoLink pays each month to plant new trees as part of its commitment, and it can be as easy as that.

2. Use the trending news hooks to profile what you are doing. There is a whole raft of special days to leverage, and the government ministers themselves will be giving you plenty to comment on.

3. Be relevant and ‘community aware’. Local journalists will be very keen to fill out their pages with examples of businesses in their region taking the lead on responsible sustainability from now, right through to November, and then beyond. But make sure your story is relevant to the hook, and don’t forget to include your location in the headline if there is a local interest angle.

4. Keep your website up to date with your sustainability commitment. This doesn’t mean a whole rebuild of your website with the inevitable coding cost. Simply use the Media Room facility, provided at no extra cost, through the Menta PR partnership with JournoLink.

If you have never engaged on PR before, this is the perfect time for reaching out, and promoting your businesses through the media, and the perfect topic. Few journalists will be able to resist ‘sustainable’ stories.

Here’s how to make the most of the MENTA PR partnership with JournoLink

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