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MENTA Sixty-Second Roundup

Sun May 02 2021

A new series of vlogs with the aim of giving viewers an easy overview of the support and events available to the SME community of Norfolk and Suffolk has been commissioned from #mentabusiness the episodes are designed to help business owners and seeking business advice, training and business focused events across the two counties.

Delivered in short bitesize episodes, the presenter, Nick Pandolfi explains more...

"These short bursts of content are designed for the consumer across social media that want information on the go, a simple, quick briefing of events and support that might fit their current business needs"  

The new video content is being produced by Ipswich based videographers Greyhound Creative for MENTA Business Support

In May's episode, MENTA update you on . . .

A return of Face-to-Face business networking

Sales skills training

FREE smartphone video trainer session

Business news service

Watch the 60' roundup below and to receive more on the topics mentioned, please email to receive more on the highlighted content.

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