Aug 2017

3D Printing Technology at IWIC in Suffolk

3D printing is an increasingly mature technology underway at The Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre, at the University of Suffolk

The reduced cost and increased speed in iterating product prototypes, producing architectural models and undertaking low volume manufacture of customised components are driving the wider adoption of 3D printing.  IWIC is planning an industrial-grade advanced 3D design and printing facility that will be accessible to local and regional businesses.  Dr Paul G. Thomas at the IWIC would like to gauge business interest in accessing  3D printing and exploring how it can accelerate realisation of your concept.   If 3D design and printing  could be important to your business please contact Paul at p.thomas@uos.ac.uk or call him on 07545 422105 to discuss further.

The Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre at the University of Suffolk is being developed in partnership with the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, Ipswich Borough Council and Suffolk County Council.

Discover more about IWIC on Twitter @UOS_IWIC 

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