Oct 2019

Sudbury Evening Networking this November

A new early evening business networking event is being held in Long Melford, Sudbury, as a way for business-people to enjoy business company after work.

MENTA already runs successful morning networking events across Norfolk and Suffolk but the organisation felt it time to add to the networking options by offering something different, allowing people to enjoy the benefits of business networking at a different time of day.

The evening event is one of many such new networking events planned across Suffolk with the focus on the networking.

MENTA Marketing manager, Nick Pandolfi says, “we were conscious that not everyone who wants to network finds daytime meetings convenient and so we felt it important to offer something at the end of the traditional working day”

As a non-membership organisation, we pride ourselves on the inclusiveness of our events and welcome all business sectors to attend.

The event is hosted by MENTA staff members, Paul Vella and Sarah Brindley.  

“The invitation is to join us at The Bull Hotel in Long Melford, Sudbury, on Tuesday November 12 from 5.30pm “- Nick Says.

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