Mar 2017

Saving Businesses Money and the Planet a Box at a Time

Businesses are aware of the risks involved with Suffolk’s current levels of consumption and realise by cutting carbon they will, longer term, save their company money. They also want to reassure their present and future customers that they’re helping mitigate damage to the planet.

Box-it East, local leaders in document management services are striving to do their bit, not only saving cash but showing their green credentials.One of the main services provided by Box-it East (as well as document storage and retrieval) is confidential waste disposal.  All waste is shredded and re-cycled into new paper products.

To go the extra mile Box-it East have pledged to plant a tree for every 500 sacks or boxes of paper- waste shredded.  The current rate of shredding has topped 500 sacks per month meaning they’ll be planting around 12 trees during 2017.

Each tree is dedicated to a Box-it East client who has their documents shredded by the Company and the trees are planted at Gault Wood in March, Cambridgeshire. 

Claire Brooks of Box-it East has been taking free advice from the team at Business Energy Efficiency Anglia (BEE Anglia) who carry out complimentary energy reviews and advise on energy saving improvements and grants to cover part of the costs.

Claire commented, “We take our carbon footprint reduction aim extremely seriously.  Cardboard isn’t shredded during the process of confidential waste, instead we dispose of it separately, to ensure it is re-cycled, probably into more archive boxes.

“The next step for us is to attain The Carbon Charter accreditation and the highest badge possible – of course I am aiming for Gold! As we’re one of the leaders in document storage and retrieval services I’m very aware our success means we have an ever increasing fleet of vehicles.  Our vehicles are tracked and routes and driving styles monitored to ensure fuel efficiency

“I’d recommend other businesses, whatever their size consider reducing costs by lowering their carbon footprint, it’s definitely working for us.”

For further information lowering carbon footprint and the grants available call BEE Anglia, 01473 350370 or go to

To contact Box-it East call 01284 810311 website

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