Aug 2017

Suffolk Estate Agent offers to help Suffolk Charities

Bury St Edmunds Business Has a Bright Idea

Trustworthy, forward thinking, and available at evenings and weekends - that’s just three of the ways Bury’s newest Estate Agent is hoping to impress potential sales and letting clients and landlords. Originally from The Netherlands, Roy Schram settled in nearby Rickinghall 10 years ago and since moving to the area he’s been an avid supporter of the local community, joining the Bury Chamber of Commerce and local Rotary Group to name just two. He’s so keen to get involved he’s come up with a novel way to help local charities, schools, and fundraising groups to boost their funds.


“I’d like to make a real difference to some of the local groups and organisations in and around Bury St Edmunds. So I’ve begun by approaching a couple of local schools with my idea to help them fundraise and they’ve immediately come on board with me. ”One of those schools is St Botolphs which is where his own children attended. “I spoke with the Head Master and said if I am passed a name of a person looking to sell, buy, let a house, or a landlord looking for my business to manage their portfolio, I will give the school £250 for each one I process.” Roy is keen to stress that this generous fee is coming out of his pocket and not that of the purchaser! “Oh yes it’s from my fees and doesn’t affect what the client pays.”

Roy is now looking for individuals, schools, charities or local businesses who’d also want to help their local good causes by providing referrals. All they need to do is pass Roy the names of sellers, buyers, tenants or landlords and he’ll pass on £100 if it’s from an individual and £250 if it’s from a school, local business or local charity on completion.

 “Likewise if a charity or school wants to come to me directly, I’m happy for them to pass me enquiries. All I need is a name and a number of the person to contact and providing they decide they are happy to work with me to buy or sell their house [or let it] I will pay the money straight to the charity once the agreement has been processed. £250 is a lot of money to a small charity or local school and it goes a long way towards their fundraising goals. I pay £100 for an individual’s referral as the business, school or charity would also display my window poster, leaflets and business cards, so I think it’s only fair to pay those more.”

Find Roy on Twitter @HXBuryStEdmunds

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