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Our new online shop launches later this year with more of the material you have told you want to see and buy. We shall have books,
e-Learning as well as downlaoadable material that will help support business growth. If you have suggestions or a question, please email: Leanne@menta.org.uk

Thinking of starting a business - Menta text book to buyLook Inside
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Thinking of starting a business

Thinking of Starting a Business helps you consider what makes a successful business start up. It shows the importance of having a clear vision and values and explains what skills you need. It also prompts you to think about what sort of business matches your personal circumstances and lifestyle.

Topics covered include:

  • What makes a business successful.
  • The importance of having a clear business vision and strong values.
  • What skills a business owner needs.
  • What type of business fits with their business idea and personal circumstances.

The workbook takes a simple, step-by-step approach and includes 12 integrated worksheets that build towards an action plan.


  • Plain English caters for all reader levels.
  • The 12 worksheets build towards an action plan.
  • Numbered steps make sections easy to follow.
  • Full-colour printing and illustrations add a ‘light touch’ feel.
  • Boxouts contain tips and useful resources.

52 pages, full-colour, illustrations, 12 worksheets and action plan.

The Essential Start-up Guide - Cobweb publicationLook Inside
Delivery in 10 working days

The Essential Start-up Guide

The Essential Start-up Guide includes information about the things you need to do at the very beginning of your new business, such as choosing a name and working out the best legal form of business for you and your circumstances. It is the perfect companion to The Essential Business Guide and covers areas such as choosing a business name, registering your business, working out how much you need to earn, and so on.

Topics include:

  • legal forms of business – and their pros and cons
  • choosing a business name
  • registering a business
  • start-up funding
  • working out a personal survival income
  • business planning
  • customers and pricing.

24 page printed booklet

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