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Why Networking is Great for Small and Micro Businesses

Fri Apr 13 2018
Business owners want to generate sales by finding potential new business partners via introductions and recommendations - networking with the right people can be a great way of doing just that.

But what else can it help you with?

Gathering general business information – by sharing conversations with other like-minded people you learn about new ideas and share general business information.

Mixing with other small business owners avoids feelings of isolation – follow up formal networking sessions with a coffee and a chat. You can help each other with problems and share knowledge and experiences.

Don’t be put off if there is a potential competitor in the room - introduce yourself, you’ll find areas of difference which may be very enlightening for future marketing purposes.

Be inspired – often networking events include an invited speaker who may impart their thoughts and tips for business success and inspire you in the process.

Develop a good reputation – be genuine and become known as the person who links individuals by building strong business relationships and trust.

And as a final thought - before entering a networking meeting ask yourself what goals are you setting yourself. Are you there to meet people from a specific sector or to introduce yourself and your services to a particular size of business? Do you want to promote a particular product or event to as many people as possible or build business relationships for the long term?

Whatever target you decide upon, use it as a way to make the most of the time away from your desk and at the end of the session ask yourself if you’ve met your objectives.

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