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Virtual Conferences: Why now is a great time to host your first event

Tue Mar 24 2020

The power of technology has allowed people to carry out talks, meetings, conferences and even concerts in a virtual setting - enabling them to stay connected, stay educated and share ideas during this pandemic. Ultimately, events in a virtual setting have emerged as a winning solution for organisations all over the world. So, if your business was thinking about hosting their first event, now might be a great time to do so.

Here’s why now is a great time to host your first virtual event.

1. Adjusting to a ‘new normal’

With face-to-face and live events on hold because of the Coronavirus lock-down, businesses have had to adjust to a new way of operating - one that requires no in-person meetings. The same goes for events. Since it’s uncertain when and how restrictions will be lifted, investing in virtual events is a good opportunity for businesses to build brand awareness and share ideas during lock-down.

2. Stay connected with customers and clients

Even though the way in which businesses interact with clients has had to change, one thing remains the same: businesses need to continue to engage with their customers and clients effectively. As mentioned, face-to-face meetings are prohibited, so businesses urgently need to put in place a solution that allows them to do this while restrictions are in place.

3. Support your businesses offering

Whilst we’re in lock-down, virtual events are the only real alternative to live events. This means now is a good time to be putting in place a comprehensive virtual events programme to support your business offering.

You’ll also find that holding an event in a virtual environment during this time comes with some unique advantages:

● People are more familiar with virtual environments than ever

Over the past few weeks, people have had to become accustomed to things like video calls and virtual meetings and are consequently more familiar with remote conferencing software than ever

before. Not only does this mean audiences and businesses alike will have a greater understanding of the technology, but it also means they are more likely to be able to make the most out of it.

● Hosting virtual events shows the client that they are your priority

Hosting an event right now will show clients you still care about your relationship with them. By putting effort into holding any kind of virtual conference or event, it’s a signal to clients that you are committed to sharing ideas and staying connected, even if you can’t meet in-person.

● They show that your business is successfully adapting to the pandemic environment

As mentioned earlier, this pandemic has introduced a new normal. Holding a virtual event shows clients and customers that your business is forward-thinking, flexible and able to successfully adapt during these unprecedented times.

● They allow you to continue informing your clients about your products and services

Keeping clients and customers in the loop is one of the most important aspects of a business. If you have an exciting new product or business development to share, rather than just sending out an email, virtual events present an opportunity to keep people informed in a unique and engaging way.

● They allow you to listen to and understand how your clients' needs are evolving

Events are a two-way street. As well as enabling you to communicate new business developments with your clients, they also allow you to listen to your clients’ evolving needs- putting you in the position to build a longer-lasting relationship.

4. Platform Options

Every day, there are more and more remote conferencing and video calling software emerging onto the scene. This means you will definitely be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting one for your virtual event. Just remember to thoroughly research your options. Think about what the platform offers for the formatting of your event i.e, how many people it can host, how long the meeting sessions can last, if it enables you to host small group breakout sessions etc. This way, you can ensure your first virtual event goes off without a hitch.

article was written in collaboration with conference and keynote speaker bureau, VBQ Speakers.

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