If you want to understand the people you work with or whom you employ, and they to understand you and maximise a high level of customer satisfaction and sales by having a motivated, achieving team - then Clarity4D may be what you’re looking for.

What is Clarity4D?

It’s an affordable training resource, available via MENTA (we’re accredited trainers) for individuals, businesses and organisations who want to improve communication, motivation and build effective relationships.

There are two parts to Clarity4D

  1. Clarity4D Personality Profiling
  2. Group and one to one training in Clarity4D

Let’s start with Personality Profiling

Personality profiling helps people understand their preferred style of communication and to recognise the personality and styles of communication of their colleagues and customers. 
You’ll receive a detailed written report which provides a snapshot of how you see yourself at this moment. The profile includes a ‘self-graph’ depicting your colour energies and feedback on your strongest areas and hidden potential. Once you have purchased you will be emailed the profile questionnaire and once completed your report will be emailed to you.


  • Personal profile £35 (Designed for the individual in the business/corporate world)
  • Full  £50 (A combination of how someone interacts within a team, how they like to be communicated with and a Personal profile) 
  • New Direction £20 (Ideal for people going through a change of job, returning to work after maternity leave or building confidence for unemployed)
  • Youth £10 (Designed for young people between the ages of 14-18 who are moving from education to employment) 
  • Arranged Purchase Agreement - please contact rosanne@menta.org.uk for more information or Call 0800 0855 090


Secondly, we provide group, and one to one training in Clarity4D

It is useful for new and existing teams, where there is perhaps a lack of communication or understanding for those who work in a group setting to work with Clarity4D. Our trainers are experts in managing a group of diverse personalities and drawing out the key areas within the group to be addressed.
Clarity4D is very useful for people who are moving between roles, or onto next stages in their career or life and need confidence and a framework in which to build their personal development plans and aspirations.
The cost effective training can be held in three-hour slots to fit around you. For more information contact Rosanne Kilbourn at Menta, via email rosanne@menta.org.uk, or call 0800 0855 090.