Since the Data Protection Act was introduced in 1998, the destruction of data in businesses has had to be carefully considered, whether it be payroll data, client databases or printed correspondence.

The Data Protection Act (soon to be superseded by GDPR) outlines that records should be kept safe and secure, and that they should not be kept for longer than is absolutely necessary. In addition, all records need to be disposed of securely. 

Most organisations shred less than half of all documents containing sensitive and confidential information before disposal¹. Figures show that identity theft rose by almost a third in the first 3 months of 2015² partly due to individuals’ information falling into the wrong hands. 

When deciding on  whom to use to destroy documents a business should always ensure who they choose is compliant with all current legislation, BS EN 15713 (Secure Destruction of Confidential Material) is applicable to any organisation who collects, transports or destroys confidential matter.

Suffolk based Box-it East who are a MENTA Patron adheres to this code of practice. Destruction is monitored and traceability of the destruction process ensures a company’s reputation is not damaged and identity theft is minimised.

All documents are shredded under video surveillance to guarantee documents are securely disposed of and Box-it East were the first in their industry to achieve the ISO 14001:2004 accreditation (Environmental Management System) and along with that, Box-it East has partnered with the Woodland Trust that for every 500 sacks of waste shredded a tree will be planted in Gault Wood, March in Cambridgeshire.

Documents that are destroyed are then recycled and made into new paper-based products.

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