Wed 19th Apr 2017

Christine Guy-Clarke - MENTA trainer: 

I love working as trainer for Menta for two reasons. Firstly the Menta team work very hard, and have a great ‘can do’ attitude in helping people. Nothing is too much trouble and always with their clients outcome in mind.

As a trainer I am lucky to be able to help business owners from early stage and start up to gain instant impact on how they want to sell their products or services, and make it happen.

Sometimes the difference is immediate, and I see the light bulbs going on which is brilliant as it can have a positive effect on their turnover straight away.

(If only I had that type of help 27 years ago when I first started up!) Helping small businesses to grow and training people in that process is a great privilege. From ‘little acorns,’ at Menta we see our enterprising stars develop their business and become profitable.

Menta is such a worthwhile organisation, and all their clients are very lucky to get the best training from other business owners who have ‘been there and done it’ for themselves to help them succeed.