• Chief Executive
    Alex Till
    As Chief Executive of Menta I address my passion for enterprise and drive forward the growth of new, emerging and existing businesses and build on the need for Suffolk to be recognised nationally for the significant work the County undertakes in skills, enterprise and employability.
  • Office Administrator - Bury St Emunds
    Nicole Larter
    I manage the efficient day-to-day running of the main Menta office in Bury St Edmunds, supporting new and existing tenants and visitors to the centre.
  • Property & Development Manager
    Rosanne Kilbourn
    I oversee the management of three Menta business centres enabling them to be run efficiently and effectively, whilst supporting tenants with their property requirements.
  • Finance and Administration
    Sandra Nolan
    I undertake the day to day financial and administrative requirements of Menta. enabling all financial aspects to be maintained.
  • Business Advisor
    Jo Garden
    I love enterprise and enterprising people. My advice knowledge is not from a book or via a university degree, but comes from over 20 years of running my own businesses - so is sometimes unconventional. Pushing the doors of opportunity whilst remembering perception versus reality is my key thought process.
  • Project Manager
    Phil Pethybridge
    I am involved in running the Trade Fair and Business Clubs for Menta aswell as projects that offer support for new and existing businesses in Suffolk
  • Finance and Office Administrator
    Audrey Webster
  • Haverhill Office Assistant
    Vicky Raffell
    I manage the efficient day to day running of the two Menta office sites in Hollands Road, Haverhill, supporting new and existing tenants.
  • Vision Centre Coordinator
    Rachael Lawrence
    Rachael manages the building checks, fire regulations and Health and Safety requirements which a building with over 100 people in it requires. As well as overseeing and reviewing Menta’s supplier contracts she also assists in the selling of Menta’s services.